Just For Kids


We want your first visit to be a 




Moms and Dads are more than welcome to sit in on the visit to take pictures or just enjoy the Happy Visit together!


A HAPPY VISIT includes:

- Meeting your Dental Hygienist (the lady that cleans your teeth)


- Taking a ride in the Dental Chair (it goes up and down and lays back too!)

- Counting your Teeth (using a special counter and a mouth mirror)


And Most Importantly

- Picking out a Sticker and Prize at the end of your appointment!




For Moms and Dads:


If your child is apprehensive during the visit, and the Hygienist is unable to clean or polish the teeth, there will be no charge for the appointment.


If the appointment seems to be going well, the Hygienist will clean and polish the teeth with your consent. At that time the doctor will come in to meet with you and your child and do a thorough “peek” at the teeth and mouth. This will then be charged as a “Happy Visit with cleaning” and will be submitted to your insurance if applicable.





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